Monday, August 23, 2010

#5: The Cove...Duh.

 As an avid baseball fan and South Bend enthusiastic, I almost feel like the Cove is almost too obvious to post.  Yet I forget that a night at a minor league ballpark isn't everyone's idea of a great time….but it should be.  Baseball is definitely a core element of South Bend’s history, from the South Bend Blue Sox (featured in “A League of Their Own”) to the Arizona Diamondback’s Triple A Team, the Silver Hawks.  The ballpark itself is right downtown and located just next to former Studebaker factories.  It’s also a place of significance on the South Bend political map, since the team is owned by former South Bend Mayor and former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan. If that doesn’t have you racing over to the Cove, then perhaps a review of their nightly specials can entice you.

On (Dollar) Monday, get basically anything in the park for A DOLLAR.  And by everything, I mean: $1 Bleacher Tickets ($3 Box Seats), $1 Hot Dogs, $1 Pepsi Products

On (Twofer) Tuesday, tickets are discounted - Fans will receive 2 tickets for the price of 1 (Box or Bleacher) with the WAOR Web Coupon.  And oh boy, don’t forget KRAFT Singles Tuesday Night Tickets.  Buy 1 Ticket, Get 1 Free from KRAFT Singles with purchase. Bring your package wrapper to a Silver Hawks Game on Tuesdays “for a steal of a deal!”  Their words, not mine.

On (Wacky) Wednesday, a whole myriad of wacky events and promotions take place.  To be honest…this is somewhat unclear, but the real deal on Wednesday is Unused Ticket Night.  You can bring any unused tickets to the Cove on Wednesday nights and get a free bleacher ticket.

On (Thirsty) Thursday, draft beer and pepsi products are only a DOLLAR. Now this…I will call a “steal of a deal.”

On Friday, fireworks light up downtown after the game.

On (Souvenir) Saturday, the Silver Hawks have a giveaway item at every Saturday home game and offer discounts on the team gear sold in the Silver Hawks shop.

On Sunday, kids get to run the bases after the game. Adorable.

Check out the schedule HERE.  Today begins the Silverhawk's last full week at home.  They'll also play three more home games the first week of September.  So these are your last days to catch a Silver Hawks game in 2010 and your last chance to take part in their hilarious inter-inning games (…see the Produce Race below).  

Location: 501 West South Street, South Bend, IN 46601
Best Nights to Go: Monday and Thursday – best deals
Tip: Ask the staff at the front gate if you can take part in the class minor league inter-inning games.

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  1. Not to be nit-picky, but the Silver Hawks are not Triple A (the next thing to glitzy, big-time, big-league ball), but thankfully artfully placed in Single A ball (and what they refer to as "lower A" at that). Of course, this is a benefit, not a detriment, because the Silver Hawks deliver authentic, close to the earth baseball (the players play for the love love of the game and not for big bucks.), where baseball can be observed in its essential form, the only sport where the goal is to get "home", where the player scores and not a ball and where there is no clock.