Sunday, June 5, 2011

#197: Let's Spoon Frozen Yogurt

A few months ago, I spent a week in Los Angeles, home of the South Beach diet/raw food movement/food truck craze, and one place that my friend insisted I must try (in addition to In-N-Out Burger) was Pinkberry.  As someone who write her college admission essay about "Ice Cream & Its Important Role in My Life",  I was highly skeptical of this whole yogurt fad.  However, my visit to Pinkberry challenged my misgivings.  The tart yogurt, topped with my eclectic selection -- strawberries, mochi balls, and chocolate chips -- was not too filling for a post-dinner snack, but satisfying enough to end the night on a sweet note.  I was hooked, and as soon as I returned home, I was wishing that South Bend would somehow snag a Pinkberry (and In-N-Out).
 Needless to say, I was happy to hear that Let's Spoon Frozen Yogurt was setting up shop at the busy 23-Angela intersection.  One hot and sunny afternoon, some friends and I stopped in for a mid-day, post-sunburn snack, and again, this yogurt fad won me over again.  Let's Spoon, as opposed to Pinkberry, is self-serve, charging $0.45 an ounce for whatever crazy combination you're craving that day.  Thin Mint non-fat yogurt swirled with cake batter low-fat yogurt, with sprinkles and kiwi?  You got it.  A dollop of tart yogurt with brownie bites and crushed Andes mints?  Why not.  They even have the mochi balls that I thought were so exotic and Californian.
The ability to fully customize your order sets this place apart from other ice cream/frozen treat shops, and the blackboard in the back encourages customers to share the combo they put together.  When you need a cool treat for these dog days of summer, it's the perfect stop for picky eaters, for the lactose-intolerant, for small and big stomachs alike.

Where: 1635 Edison Road
When: Sun-Th, 11am-9pm; F-Sat, 11am-10pm
Call: (574) 243-5847
On its Facebook page (accessed here), Let's Spoon owner asks for yogurt flavor suggestions and announce the newest flavors.


  1. If you enjoy Let's Spoon; you should then try
    Urban Swirl. in Heritage Square.

    Same essential concept; plus you get to sample all of the many variety available, before settling on something specific . . .

    1. You can sample at lets spoon too. my favorite is cake batter along with cookies and creme. The Toppings: cookie dough bites, brownie bites, cholcolate chips, and nutella spread.