Thursday, June 30, 2011

#208: Eat. Drink. DTSB.

You've probably seen notifications on Facebook about this, a few tweets on Twitter, and maybe even those old fashion paper posters hung up around town... but it's finally here!  Downtown South Bend's Restaurant Week! 

While I might prefer some encouragement to go to the gym, the incredible deals offered at 16 of South Bend's best restaurants are quite the incentives to dine out in DTSB and put your summer diet on the back burner until the end of Restaurant Week.  Last night, I went to LaSalle Grill with some friends to check out their 3 course meal for only $25.  Tell me where or when else you can get a portabella stuffed mushroom, grilled single cut filet, and creme brulee for $25.  Other participating restaurants are also offering 3 course deals for $25, 2 dinners for $25, and even lunch deals.  All of the menus and tasty deals, can be found HERE.

This downtown-wide feeding frenzy isn't just easy on your wallet.  It's also quite the gastronomic adventure.  You'll find some of South Bend's most well respected restaurants on this list, featuring many of their classic dishes along side rarely offered specials.

Visit any of these restaurants between now and July 9th to indulge in South Bend's finest and most frugal dining:
The Vine
Sunny Italy Cafe
Fiddler's Hearth
LaSalle Grill
Tippecanoe Place
Buffalo Wild Wings
Backstage Grill
Carmela's at Macri's
South Bend Chocolate Cafe
Siam Thai
East Bank Emporium

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