Monday, June 6, 2011

#198: McKinley Pub

With temperatures creeping up into the 90s for the next couple days, I think we'll all need a nice cold beer.  At McKinley Pub, shockingly located on McKinley Avenue, you'll find just that... plus, some decor to remind you of colder days.  

I apologize for the dark photos, but the Christmas lights hung around this bar didn't provide the ideal lighting for photographing.  Yes, that's right, folks...Christmas decor.  All year long.  When I first heard about this place, I expected gaudy, overwhelming, giant plastic Rudolphs, but the yuletide-thing McKinley Pub has going on is a bit more understated than one might anticipate... even subtle.  A few evergreen wreaths, some colored strings of lights, and a couple Santa's hanging on the walls (maybe in the bathrooms, if I remember correctly). 

Location: 2930 McKinley Avenue, South Bend
Hours: 3 pm to 3 am Sun - Fri and 12 pm to 3 am Sat
Tip: They have a great old CD jukebox, and I'm almost positive that you'll find Mariah Carey's "All I  Want For Christmas Is You" on there, but probably not as much Bing Crosby as most Christmas music fans would prefer.

So as South Bend begins to swelter, head over to the winter wonderland of McKinley Pub and cool down with a cold beer as memories of Christmas flood your mind and cool your spirit.

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