Sunday, February 6, 2011

#122: The Vine

There are certain classic restaurants in downtown South Bend that we've so far neglected to include on our growing list. The Vine is certainly one of them. For me, it also holds the special significance of being the very first restaurant I visited in South Bend when I was moving to the city on a hot afternoon in August. My parents had come with me to help with the transition, and for dinner that first night, we somehow found The Vine.

I've been back several times and have never not been impressed. The Vine's atmosphere is perfect for many occasions: the aforementioned "dinner with family", a date night, or even just dinner with a group of friends or business associates. In their own words, it's "casual but upscale".  The menu too fits within that description, serving specialty pizzas alongside filet mignon. While I have not personally tried it, a friend swears by their Baked Brie appetizer, and they are known around the city for their extensive wine selection. The same friend who made the appetizer recommendation also noted that The Vine is a perfect dinner choice before any show at the Morris Performing Arts Center, as it is just around the corner.  I couldn't agree more.

Location: 103 West Colfax

Visit their website here for more information and the full menu.

Tip: If you live closer to Elkhart, there's a location there as well!

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