Thursday, February 3, 2011

#121: Little & Big 3 Short Film Festival

This Saturday, cinephiles of all ages will have something to watch at the Little & Big 3 Short Film Festival.  Now in its second year, the 3 Film Festival has expanded to three segments, one featuring short films appropriate for all ages, another for high school aged film fans, and the last for audiences 18 years old and up.  Regardless of your age, you don't need an attention span longer than 3 minutes for this event.  All of these short films are 3 minutes or less, making it quite a celebration of brevity and pithiness.  This year's 3 minute cinematic masterpieces were produced by filmmakers from such exotic places as Tasmania, Australia and Elkhart, Indiana.  Local students from Pearly Elementary and Penn High School also contributed films, as did out-of-towners from Utah, California, and Massachusetts among others.

When:  Saturday, February 5th
Little 3: 3-4 pm for the all-ages show and 4-5 pm for the high-school show
Big 3: 7-9 for the grown-up show & band

Where: Perley Fine Arts Academy, 740 N. Eddy Street, South Bend 

Interestingly, film workshops were offered as a part of the film festival through the South Bend Parks Department, and elementary students at Perley Fine Arts Academy also took part through classes.  I've made a mental note to keep an eye out for these workshops next year.  Let us know if you took part in the workshops or even submitted a film for this year's festival.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Little 3 Film Festival was scheduled for today, February 3rd, but has been rescheduled for Saturday due to the snow and school cancellations.  We posted it today so that anyone planning to attend it tonight might see that it's been rescheduled, and so that you can get a jump on planning your weekend.

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