Saturday, February 19, 2011

#132: Victorian Pantry

I was looking for a locally-owned place to get coffee in the Granger/Grape Road when I remembered Victorian Pantry.  This operation has been given numerous awards for its full-service catering operation, but it also has a bistro in a strip mall on Cleveland.  I was pleasantly surprised by the warm atmosphere here -- an alcove of personality amid the 'big box stores' in this area.

Well-worn wooden chairs and tables make this place feel homey, almost rustic, and the owner/chef, Steven Stogdill, came around to check on customers and offer a warm-up for their coffee.  Speaking of which, is fantastic.  Their house blend, Walnut Roast, is my personal favorite in the area, a designation I don't toss around lightly.  A wide variety of flavored coffees and tea is sold at the store, as well as gourmet cooking supplies.

Their food offerings are strong as well -- you can try many of their acclaimed catering offerings, including their pasta salads, spinach & feta croissants, and cakes.  The croissant and quiche I ordered on two respective visits were fresh and tasty; their flavors or ingredients were gourmet in a way that distinguishes Victorian Pantry from other area "coffeeshop experiences".

This place is a great stop for shoppers at University Park Mall needing a refuel, and the standout  coffee and food, and welcoming feel, draws me to come from downtown.  I can't wait to go back for lunch to try a sandwich their signature foccacia bread.

Where: 226 W. Cleveland Road, Granger
Tip: On Fridays from Sept.-May, there is a $7.99 all-you-can-eat soup buffet.  Vegetarians, take note, because all their soups are vegetable-based!

If you're interested in the catering options, just ask!  The staff is very friendly, and when I mentioned to Chef Stogdill that I was visiting for the first time, right away he brought a stack of brochures and was happy to answer any questions I had.

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  1. this sounds wonderful - next visit to South Bend, I want to go there - Do they have delicious hot chocolate??