Friday, May 27, 2011

#193: Trio's Jazz Club

I visited Trio's for the first time last week and it soon became apparent that not visiting sooner was an enormous oversight. The restaurant, located conveniently downtown on Michigan, is comfortably elegant; what they call "upscale casual dining". We visited during the lunch hour and were impressed with the menu (I would recommend the New Orleans Cobb Salad) and the attentive service.

Of course, I haven't yet mentioned the most unique aspect of Trio's. It's a jazz club and features live music four nights a week. The aforementioned menu is also inspired by the cuisine of well-known American jazz cities. I was, unfortunately, not present for a jazz group but the setup of the restaurant is designed to be acoustically conducive for the frequent music sessions. I could easily imagine spending a pleasant evening with friends or family eating and listening to live music.  Notably, this makes Trio's an ideal place for private parties or banquets and they offer extensive accommodations for such requests. South Bend already contains several interesting and varied music venues, and Trio's adds yet another musical possibility.

Location: 129 North Michigan
Website (with hours and menu):

To get a sense of the jazz music featured at Trio's, listen to one of their recent performers here.

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