Thursday, May 12, 2011

#187: Sweet Street Caramel and Coffee Cafe

Yes, I'm recommending that you go to the mall. Many times (at least for me) the mall can be overwhelming, and here at 365 South Bend we prefer to frequent those places, if at all possible, with a local bent. But tucked away amid some of the bigger-ticket stores is a South Bend gem. Sweet Street (the shortened version of its longer official name) maintains a small storefront in the University Park Mall as well as a regular stall at the South Bend Farmer's Market. Either location will get you what came for. Which is....

Dozens of gourmet coffee flavors (in bean or ground form). Specialty popcorns. Outrageous caramel apples. Homemade granola. And so much more. When I visit the Farmer's Market, it's been a weekly tradition for several years running now to get an Irish Creme latte from Sweet Street. I've only recently, within the past year, started getting my ground coffee from here as well. I've picked it up at the Market or in UP Mall, but the overwhelming variety of options remains the same. They roast the coffee daily, and offer flavors ranging from traditional Colombian to Baked Apple Pie (yes, really). If you can't make it to either location, you're even able to order your coffee and other items online.

Just some really cool-looking caramel apples
Whenever seasonal holidays roll around, Sweet Street is among the first (and best) to celebrate. They offer holiday versions of all of their signature items, check out the Holiday Candy Apple to see what I mean, and they are always ready with gift-baskets for special occasions.  I've spoken several times with the incredibly friendly owner, and it's easy to see why her store(s) are such pleasant places to visit and then visit again.

Location: South Bend Farmer's Market and University Park Mall (near the Food Court)
Tip: I don't know, everything is delicious!


  1. I just moved to Mishawaka from a small town outside of Kansas City on Wednesday.. this is fantastic! I'm going to spend this weekend exploring South Bend/Mishawaka with some serious assistance from your blog. Thanks so much!

  2. This shop is owned by a Saint Mary's Grad!

  3. @Marissa, Welcome to the area! We'll be highlighting some local BBQ places over the summer, so we hope trying out some northern BBQ styles will help with any homesickness!

    @Hannah, smart lady! Locals know their clientele...

  4. This place also has great spices at a great price.