Sunday, May 1, 2011

#181: Kate's Garden and the Mishawaka Riverwalk

Some things are too nice not to share. Today was one of them. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, it was the first day of May, I'd just eaten brunch (really my favorite meal) at Allie's Cafe (post to come later!), and a friend (and, yes, fellow blogger) and I spontaneously decided to spend the early part of the afternoon exploring this small park on Lincolnway as it heads into Mishawaka.

It's tulip season!
It really was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in South Bend (or I suppose, the greater Michiana area), and I'll let some pictures do most of the rest of the talking. I want to quickly, though, note the history of the park. It was named after Catherine "Kate" Kosanovich, a well-known and well-loved Mishawaka community leader, and it contains an "Educators" sculpture by Tuck Langland, a local artist in residence, coincidentally, at Fire Arts. The park connects to the Mishawaka Riverwalk system which meanders pleasantly alongside the currently-overflowing St. Joe River. There were a variety of families, dogs, joggers, runners, strollers, children, parents, and others taking advantage of both the walk and the park. And on a day like today, I can only hope that you joined them.

Blogger cameo!
The "Educators" Sculpture
One of the many flowering trees

A section of the Riverwalk

For more info about the garden and the Riverwalk system go here.

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