Thursday, May 5, 2011

#184: Friends of the Library Book Sale

It's First Friday's folks (for some reason, sometimes I imagine that being said in the style of an old-school radio announcer). Theme of the month: All About Art. Check out the official FF's website for all of the events.  After quickly glancing through all of the options, tomorrow I'm going to try and make it to Junk Evolution's Junk Prom (!), the Handy Pottery event at the SB Chocolate Cafe, Idle Hours Sidewalk Sale, and, of course, the Original Art Rain Barrel Auction at the South Bend Museum of Art. It's going to be a long, fun night.

I'm also, however, going to somehow make time to hit up the Friends of the St. Joseph County Library Book Sale. You all know we're fans of the library, and, well, these people are too.  Members of this organization donate both their time and their funds to ensure that the library can continue to operate at full capacity. One of their many activities consists of sponsoring a monthly (and sometimes bi-monthly) book sale of all of the unused, unnecessary, or overstocked books and DVD's from the library's collection.

Last month's haul
When I first walked in the door of their building (at the southern end of Michigan St.) for last month's booksale, I thought I had entered some sort of literary Candyland. The warehouse-esque interior holds shelves upon shelves of hardcover and paperback books. But wait for the best part, none of them cost more than $1.00 (DVD's, including really recent releases, all cost only $3.00). No, I'm not kidding. Books available range from the newest Danielle Steel publication, to poetry anthologies, to travel and cooking books, to Presidential biographies, to...well, the list could go on and on. I guarantee you can find a book you like, and, at this price, take the time to find several.

For a list of the sale dates, hours, and book prices, go here.

To join the Friends organization, fill out this form and send it in to the library.

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