Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#191: Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre

Over the next month, expect a steady course of posts highlighting some of our favorite ways to take advantage of summer in South Bend.  Feel free to send us suggestions about your most beloved places to post about!

Indulge in your sense of nostalgia by heading south to Plymouth, where the Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre keeps this embodiment of Americana alive.

The heyday of drive-in's are over -- no bustling lot full of rowdy teenagers you'll find here -- but here at Tri-Way, it's not hard to imagine it being otherwise.  The concession stand still sells cotton candy, buckets of popcorn, and root beer floats --nothing fancy here-- and double features are the norm, not the exception.  Kids can entertain themselves on the swings underneath the big screen until it gets dark enough to turn the projector on. 

Even though you may feel like you're living in a past time, all the features are first run.  Instead of heading to the local theater in town to see the latest flick, try taking a drive down to Plymouth when the weather's nice.  For a place that's only 30 minutes away, I was surprised at how far away from South Bend I felt and how timeless I feel American summers can be.

When: Check here for the schedule.  Open seven days a week, shows start at nightfall.
Where: 4400 N. Michigan Road, Plymouth (Yes, the same Michigan that runs through downtown -- just take it south for about thirty minutes!)
Cost: $8 per person for the double feature
Tip: Haven't been before?  Check out their etiquette guide beforehand. (eg. It costs money to bring in outside food and drink -- and they will check your trunk, so no ridin' dirty!)

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