Sunday, May 8, 2011

#186: Allie's Cafe

Ahh yes, another diner. But really who's complaining? Certainly not me; I've found myself (more than once) googling "brunch in South Bend" just to make sure that I haven't missed any. And, well, Allie's is certainly not one to miss. Located on Mishawaka Ave. just down the street from the IUSB campus and across the road from the now-defunct but well-loved Bryan's Piano Barr, the Cafe is a staple of the River Park neighborhood.

When we stopped in last Sunday a little after noon, the place was bustling. Families, in front-row church finery, mingled with college students who had possibly just rolled out of bed.  Retirees on a leisurely weekend brunch mingled with those undefinable but ubiquitous "regulars". We had to wait several minutes to get a table (or rather booth, thank you very much), but as we did, we admired the eclectic, homey decor (showcased below).

Yes, we considered the bottom option.
After we were seated, we took an even longer time poring over the menu. The breakfast options are extensive with several specials that caught our eye. Our waitress recommended the "German Breakfast", with a secret sauce, as one of the absolute best, and, after ordering, I think we would agree. The rest of the menu showcases what one might call "comfort food" for both breakfast and lunch. I'd recommend visiting during their peak hours, for people-watching alone, but Allie's does offer (and is well-known for) their catering services as well.

Location: 2323 Mishawaka Ave.
Hours: Tues-Sat, 6:00am-3:00pm     Sun, 6:00am-2:00pm
Website (with menu):

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