Friday, May 20, 2011

#190: River Park Parade

Summer's right around the Bend!  Tomorrow morning is the River Park Parade, a time to celebrate this colorful neighborhood -- home to the zoo, IUSB, Allie's, Bryan's Piano Barr (d. 2010), to name a few. 

This area was once had a government independent from South Bend, and only in 1911 did it become incorporated into the larger town.  IUSB professor Jack Detzler called River Park "the most important annexation for all of South Bend."
Photo taken from Devon Haupt's Flickr
 So I feel, in context of its backstory, River Park is to South Bend the way Texas is to the United States.  And Texas is known for its pride in its heritage, its community, and its pomp.  Along the same lines, the John Adams High School Marching Band will lead the way from IUSB, and in last years, more than 1,000 spectator have come out to line the route along Mishawaka Avenue.  All are encouraged to join in the parade, and there's a decorating contest for kids for who can deck out their bike, stroller, or wagon the best.
Photo taken from Devon Haupt's Flickr
When: 10 am - 12 pm
Where: The parade begins at IUSB and continues on Mishawaka Ave. heading east toward Logan Street.
Read here to learn more about the history of River Park.

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