Friday, May 6, 2011

#185: Howard Park Fiesta de Cinco de Mayo

It seems that whenever a holiday falls mid-week, South Bend will celebrate it on a Saturday, preferably at a park, and most likely with music, food, possibly a parade, and probably a contest between parents about whose child is the cutest.  (See St. Patrick's Day and its Lil' Leprechaun Contest.)

Cinco de Mayo is no different, and although you can predict most of the day's activities, that doesn't take away from the excitement and reason to celebrate this Mexican holiday.  At 10 am, there is a parade beginning at St. Francis Street.  It ends at Howard Park, where several local Hispanic food and craft vendors will be peddling their delicious/delightful wares.  Polish, Mexican and Country Western bands will all take the stage at some point.  And yes, there is a "Little Miss Cinco de Mayo Pageant".

On the more unusual side of the spectrum, other events include a jalepeno and watermelon eating contest (4:30 pm), balet folklorico (2:00 pm), a performance by the Potawatomi Indians (1:30 pm), and a salsa contest (4:30 pm).  Also, neighbors, heads up: there is a grito [shouting] contest at 12:15pm, which guarantees to be quite the display of vocal cords in the American Indian tradition.

Where: Howard Park
When: 10 am - 6:30 pm
For more information: call 574-340-6959 or check the Facebook page here

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