Thursday, October 6, 2011

#227: Four Horsemen Brewing Co.

The Mishawaka Brewing Company was Indiana's second-oldest brewpub, and it was a sad day for fans of its restaurant and unique brews when The Brew Pub closed in 2008.  In some places, the iconic Four Horsemen Ale was still offered.  However, its distribution was limited.

Luckily, others had a wider vision for this brand.  Brothers Ben and Sam Roule bought the rights to this beer, as well as much of the abandoned equipment, and have started a new brewery just south of downtown South Bend.  It has a complete brewing and bottling operation, as well as a tasting room that's open Thursday-Sunday.

A couple weeks ago, I met up with friends after work there.  Its early closing hours make it an ideal spot for a post-work happy hour.  Although the room only seats 50, we ran into friends from the area with the same idea: to wind down after work by testing out what South Bend beer might taste like!

(The answer: pretty darn good.)

To get to the tasting room, you must cross through their offices, and a chain-link gate separates drinkers from the workers.  It's a reminder of the work goes into making a craft beer, and instead of a being detrimental to the ambience, it rather adds to the experience.  The bright steel bar and stools add to the industrial feel.  

When I visited, there were four beers on tap, and the friendly bartender was happy to break out the tasting glasses to give me samples of all four (for free).  No substantial food is offered (unless you consider bagged pretzels or dine-in from Dew Drop!), nor will you find a dartboard or pool table -- this place is all about the beer.   And sometimes, that's exactly what you're looking for.
Keeping the ND+Brewery theme alive.
When: Thursday - Friday, 4:00-8:00 PM; Saturday-Sunday, Noon- 4:00PM
Where: 710 Fellows St. (off Sample St.), South Bend.  The parking lot is small, but there is plenty of street parking.
Tip: Try their newly released Pale Ale!

ND Tip: Looking for an alternate venue for tailgating?  Look no further: Four Horsemen is open ND home game Saturdays beginning at 9:00 AM.  


  1. Four Horsemen brewery is a great place to just sit and enjoy a good beer. Don't know much about beer? The guys there will be more than happy to talk to you about what's on tap. Be sure to fill up a growler to go, best bang for your buck!

  2. It was Mishawaka Brewing Co. not Michiana Brewing Co.

  3. @Today in ND History -- Thanks for the tip about the growler! About time you can buy beer by the half gallon in South Bend. Sustainable too. Did ND ever brew their own beer? There's no facts found on

    @Josh -- Quite right! Sorry about the brain fart. Fixed.

  4. Four Horsemen did not buy any beer rights from the Mishawaka Brewing Co. They just bought the name and equipment. All of the recipes are still in the hands of the original owners.

  5. Unfortunately, they are no more. I do however recommend Bare Hands brewery nestled up and tucked away in Granger. You'll have to google Map it but believe me, it is worth the journey North. Fabulous beer brewed by beer-men who know what they are doing!