Friday, October 7, 2011

#228: Northern Indiana Poetry Slam, First Fridays

First Fridays does College Night.  At least that's the theme for this week, very suitable seeing as the gorgeous weather and ND home game against Air Force is looking like it's bringing in the population from Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio (combined).   Even if you're not a college student, it's the month of Halloween, so dress up like one and you'll fit right into the milieu.

Last year, we highlighted the annual chili cook-off that occurs this month.  It's a wonderful event, so check out that post for more details.

Tonight features a range of events from a toga party at Marigold's to an "art hunt" around downtown South Bend.  What sounds particularly intriguing is the Northern Indiana Poetry Slam, hosted by J.W. Basilo.  Participating poets should arrive at 6:30, when doors open.  Basilo alone seems like he'd be a reason enough to attend.  He's a World Poetry Slam Finalist and a creator of work "equal parts poignant and perverse" -- you can check out his website at  
J.W. Basilo

Description reads: If you consider yourself a poet, or ever thought it would be fun to give it a try, college night is the perfect place for you! If you do not want to compete, you are welcome to come and cheer, or slam, the artists of your choice.  Agreed --  the casual atmosphere of First Fridays takes away the fear factor of trying out new things (whether it's wine tasting at South Bend Chocolate Company or palm reading at Junk Evolution).  And you have a month to regain your dignity until the next First Friday rolls around.

For a complete listing of First Friday events, click here.

When: 7:00 - 9:00
Where: 123 Michigan Ave.

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