Thursday, October 13, 2011

#232: Get Historical II: House Detectives

Once upon a(nother) time, bog iron was discovered along the river in northwest Indiana.  A town was formed there, named after the Native American princess, Mishawaka, and it grew into a prosperous little town.  Not even a fire in 1872 that destroyed three-quarters of the businesses could wipe it off the map.  

As I was pontificating in my last post, I think architecture is great.  Why?  It's like a picture book, telling the story through icons.  If you are not able or willing or interested in walking around Downtown South Bend to learn about that city's history, perhaps I might interest you in this event.   This Saturday, at the Mishawaka Public Library (safe from the elements), Todd Zeiger of Indiana Landmarks will show participants how to research their home's history.  He will show you all the tools to delve into those dusty, dark corners of your home's past, to learn who has owned your house before and what's its role in the history of the city is.

While this seminar is free and open to anyone, pre-registration is required.  Contact Elicia D. Feasel at 574.235.9798 or

Where: Mishawaka Public Library, 209 Lincoln Way East
When: Saturday, Oct. 16; 9:30-11:30 AM

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