Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#245: Trio's Restaurant

With a lot of buzz going on about the opening of Cafe Navarre, the new upscale restaurant in downtown South Bend, it's easy to forget the other fine dining establishments DTSB, some even in the same block.  I was fortunate enough to try Cafe Navarre tonight -- the food was excellent, and the decor spot on -- but on my way in, I could not help but think of its neighbor just down the street, Trio's.
Trio's, opened in 2007, is distinguished from other restaurants in the area by its Cajun twist.  The menu serves quality steaks, a decent wine list (at least to my limited knowledge), and some interesting ingredients to spice up the dishes.  My favorite meals have been pasta-based, but they have gumbo, house made Cajun ribs and--unexpected but quite welcome--fried green tomatoes, although prepared fancy-like.  For a sit-down business lunch, there is also a nice menu, with options ranging from a grilled vegetable sandwich to fried macaroni and cheese (food coma alert). 

A unique feature about Trio's is the jazz club next door, which features live acts several nights a week.  There's a separate menu for this place, but you can "Eat steak even late," to borrow a Wendy's jingle.  When I came in for food on a weekday night after 9:00 PM, a time at which most DTSB restaurants have closed for the night, they were happy to serve me from the regular menu as well.  The chef was also happy to accommodate my quirky requests (eg. the time I wanted the wild mushroom risotto as my main dish...too good to be an accompaniment, okay?) and go above and beyond to make it a quality dining experience.  The quality of the service is a big factor in feeling like you get what you pay for, and in this case, I was not disappointed.

We have highlighted Trio's Jazz Club before, so I won't go into great detail, but as a heads up, this weekend, you can hear such performers like regulars William Cole Quartet, internationally-playing Bill Boris Group, and the 24-year-old Chicago sensation Marquis Hill.  No charge for admittance into the Jazz Club for most events.

I hope the addition of a new restaurant in downtown South Bend is not seen at the expense of the restaurants, but rather as an addition to the family.  I hope it will be a draw for people into the city, a 'foodie' district.  Even without organized events like the Holiday Wine Walk, it would be so easily to hop from one place to another, sampling the mussels parisienne there, the Cajun crab cakes here.

Where: 129 N. Michigan St. (you can park in the lot across the street after hours)
When: Lunch--11 AM - 2 PM (M-F); Dinner--5 - 10 PM (M-Th); 5 - 11 PM (F, Sa) and the Jazz Club is open two hours later than the restaurant

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  1. Unfortunately, They closed their doors. Such a shame considering they were an asset to the downtown area. I can still hear the Bellow of chef Carlos Casdio "I'm the man, dood!"