Friday, January 6, 2012

#242: Get some Moves / Tres Reyes

"New Moves" is the theme of this month's First Friday celebration.  There are various events happening in Downtown South Bend tonight related to this theme, including a dancing lessons at the Woodward.  Whether you want to try out swing, latin dance, or salsa, there is an opportunity to learn from the masters.  If neither learning some new movers nor losing your inhibitions are on your new year's resolution list, then come (perhaps after a drink at Fiddler's or Oyster Bar) for the people-watching.  There's a reason "So You Think You Can Dance" averages over 5 million viewers on television.

If dancing really isn't your thing, you can check out yoga, either at Dhanwantari or at the South Bend Chocolate Company.   Or "Zero Balancing Therapy," a type of mind-body massage, at the DTSB office.
Why are dancing costumes always so ridiculous?
When: Tonight, 5-9 PM
Where: Downtown South Bend
Check DTSB's website for directions, parking, and details here!

If you are pining for the eating, singing, and festivizing of the holidays, get back into the Christmas spirit at the Tres Reyes celebration at the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka.  This important Mexican celebration marks the Epiphany, the arrival of the three wise me to Jesus.  Come for tradition treats like horchata and rosca de reyes (cake).  There was also a celebration last night on the west side -- Jesus, sorry I'm late!

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