Monday, March 21, 2011

#152: Downtown Yoga at Dhanwantari Center

aaauuummmm (inhale) aaauuummmmm (inhale) aaauuummmmm.

Although I have taken yoga classes in a half dozen studios, I have to confess that never before had I actually articulated that core chant of this exercise...until I went to Dhanwantari Center in South Bend.

This studio is named after the Father of Ayurvedi Surgery and true its name, the mission of the center advocates the healing power that yoga can have.   Dhanwantari offers special classes for women over 50, Yin/Yang Yoga, and Yoga Nidra, in addition to Vinyasa and introductory courses.  (See class descriptions here.)  The 'om' mantra repeated at the beginning and end of each class is no gimmick; rather, it is oriented to the union  of the mind, body and spirit.
The Center is located two blocks from downtown, in the basement of historic Remedy building.  The room is very small -- with only five students in my Vinyasa class, we filled the space -- but cozy.  Even in the first class there, I felt very comfortable, and the low teacher-student also added to its welcoming feel.
The Remedy Building, Dhanwantari's home since summer 2010
Where: 402 W. Washington St.  (Enter through the front door and follow the signs to class.)
When: Check here for the Spring 2011 class schedule.
Call: 574.360.4090
Tip: Their introductory pass (3 classes at $7 each) is a great way to get feel for the studio, but they are currently offering spring specials on other classes.
Also cool:  They do Candlelight Yoga on Friday nights, and for April's First Friday, they will be have a didgeridoo player playing for a special candlelit 10 pm class.  To shake up your typical Friday night.

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