Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#139: McCormick's

McCormick's is that crazy, rough-around-the-edges cousin in the restaurant/bar row in the 100 block of Michigan Street.  Its neighbors -- Noma, Sangria's, and Trio's -- maintain upscale, refined atmospheres suitable for taking parents or a business partner out for a drink.  While you might sip on a Zentini at Noma, next door at McCormick's, what seems like a castoff crew of reality show characters is knocking back $1 bottles of Rolling Rock. 
 Most leave with ringing ears and smelling strongly of smoke.  Yet its great location downtown, cheap drinks, and unpretentious attitude make it the place to stop in at the end of the night, the place to unwind after a long day at work, that place where you go when you just need a bar.  Stop in McCormick's, and you don't know who or what you'll find, but you'll definitely leave with something to talk about. 

Where: 125 N. Michigan
When to go: Almost any day of the week, late in the night, you'll find a crowd
Note: The full name of this bar is McCormick's Coney Island. I've never heard this place referred to by its full name.  Anybody know where NY reference comes from?


  1. They sold original recipe Coney Island hot dogs for 30 years. The kitchen has since been removed.

  2. pub crawl here tonight woo hoo!

  3. Good place to buy coke too. and bring home some scary strange. What more could you ask for?
    -Barn "Charlie sheen-winning" Bwernd

  4. Great place to go late at night, cheap drinks, friendly bartenders and crowd. Open Mic Every Tuesday draws in some great talent and is always a great time. Definitely reccomended if you're in downtown South Bend later in the evening.