Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#148: Generic

Matt Ferriter, the amicable owner of Generic, expressed his intention that his store would not be moving anytime soon.  Good thing, too, because this space really takes advantage of place and space downtown.
Not only would it be painstaking to recreate the decor -- there are hobby horses hanging from the ceiling, an Irish flag in gargantuan frame, and a motley assortment of knick-knacks scattered around the store -- it would take days to move out all merchandise that's crammed into the store.  The store is packed with used and new clothing, shoes, belts, scarves, suspenders, jackets, CDs, incense, jewelry, torn cloth to repurpose...all the necessary punk/grunge/goth gear at good prices.  (Even this prepster found a couple shirts to wear...for $  Ah, the sweet smell of thrifting.)  Spend an hour and won't have combed over everything this small store has to offer.  Don't forget to check the clothes rack suspended above your head in the dressing room (how convenient!).

While Generic's resourceful use of space is admirable, what really rocks is that somehow, someway, space is made in the back to turn this store into a evening music venue.  In this back room, bands can set up for 50-person show, giving local bands and touring underground artists a chance to display their talent.  Last night's 7pm show featured four bands (Listener, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Analecta, and The Rendition) for $5.  I can only vouch for Analecta's great post-rock sound (see here; haven't heard the others), but we are lucky to have a venue to discover and support these emerging bands.  I only wish there were more places like Generic downtown in order to create an area for like-minded community to congregate, but I'm grateful that Generic makes the most of where's it at...which is right in line with our efforts to foster an appreciation for where you are.

Where: 127 W. Washington St.
When: 10am - 6pm, unless a show keeps the store open late
Check the store windows for their shows, as well as other concerts in the area.


  1. Sounds like a neat place...I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. You can keep track of what's going with the Facebook page too - Matt updates it often.