Sunday, March 13, 2011

#146: Support The Great LOGAN Nose-On

If you've been out and around South Bend in the past two weeks, you have probably noticed three things: 1) the snow's almost gone, 2) some sort of street promo for the show by Walk the Moon/concert fest at Club 23, and 3) a plethora of yard signs with a single, mysterious green dot.
Even the King was sporting a green nose.

The first two are self-explanatory (spring is soon and there is a music scene in SB), but I wanted to learn the story behind these green signs.  I couldn't determine the commonality between where I would encounter these signs, from the grand homes on Jefferson to the bars on Michigan St, and I didn't hear anything about a green dot filing for the mayoral race.  With some minor sleuthing, I discovered these signs are part of the LOGAN Center's month-long fundraising and awareness campaign called The Great LOGAN Nose-on.  Twenty-two Marchs ago, LOGAN began selling green foam noses to promote its mission of "supporting people with disabilities in achieving their desired quality of life" and they became the light-hearted emblem for this campaign.

Indeed, their symbol can be found everywhere this month: on First Friday for March, there was a competition to "find the nose" in various stores; if you braved the wind chill for the St. Paddy's Parade, you may have spotted a float filled with people wearing these noses; and as mentioned, those ubiquitous signs.

So what's something to do to support their mission?  
Buy a green nose or other merchandise here.  The South Bend Chocolate Company even developed a signature Green Dot chocolate -- a green mint chocolate malt ball -- sold at all of their locations as well as at the LOGAN Center.  Request a Green Dot yard sign for your home or business.  Attend this Thursday's Nose-On Luncheon, featuring Jason McElwain, or bring your child to The LOGAN Center on March 23 for the Disability Awareness Fair.  
And make a mental note that people with disabilities are just as much a part of the community as these signs represent.

Where: 2505 E. Jefferson Blvd. (The LOGAN Center)

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