Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#143: Lunch and Learn Series

As we here at 365 South Bend discover almost daily, there are always new things to learn about the city. I'll give you an example. Thanks to a blog commenter, I just learned this past week that McCormick's used to serve original-recipe Coney Island hot dogs for 30 years. Hence their full name, McCormick's Coney Island. I could actually give you dozens more examples, but I would prefer you give me yours. If you have a fun fact or interesting story about South Bend, please share in the comments!

I bring this up as a preface to an opportunity to learn many more things about South Bend. The City sponsors a Lunch and Learn Series every Thursday for any and all interested residents. Each installment last approximately one hour and is held in the Humphrey's Room of the St. Joseph County Public Library- Main Building. Each Thursday features a different topic, and I'm highlighting the entire series today because of my particular inclination towards tomorrow's topic: Historic Neighborhoods- Hidden Gems. I'm occasionally geographically challenged so having a South Bend expert guide me through the distinctions between Chapin Park, West Washington, the North Shore Triangle, Sunnymede, River Bend, River Park, Riverside Drive, and more will not only be fun but incredibly useful. In all seriousness, I really do believe that consciously choosing to learn about where you live is a type of civic duty, and this series provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

When: Thursdays, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Where: Humphrey's Room, St. Joe Library
Important to Note: The event requires a quick email RSVP to Sue Solmos ( Bring your own lunch, or make a note in your RSVP that you would like to order one of the available lunches for $8.50.

For more information about tomorrow's event and the entire series, visit the City's calendar here.

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