Monday, March 14, 2011

#147: Toyo Grill

Tucked away in a strip mall that features two popular chain restaurants is Toyo Grill, a Japanese sushi spot that is definitely not a chain.  What chains do well (polished, standardized decor and service) may not necessarily Toyo's strengths, but this restaurant features some of the best sushi in the area without any of the pretension you may find elsewhere.
Taken from the web, but gives you a sense of the Toyo's presentation style!
I've sampled the sushi -- and it was good! -- but was happily surprised to see several Korean plates on the menu.  I took advantage of the opportunity to try something new and ordered Bi Bim Bap (a choice only partially based on wanting to say the name), a variety platter of veggies and rice with a fried egg on top.  It also came with the typical Korean relishes.  Different and delicious, and passed the taste test of my Korean friend.

Even if you're not a sushi fan, I recommend you check out Toyo Grill.  It's a casual and convenient, not to mention tasty, place to grab a bite after a Cinemark movie.

Where: 620 W Edison Rd # 106
When: Mon-Thur: 5-9; Friday: 5-9:30; Saturday: 4-9; Sunday: 4-9:30
Call: 574-254-9120

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