Monday, March 28, 2011

#156: Mikado

I cannot claim to be a sushi expert, but I do enjoy the occasional foray into Japanese cuisine and Mikado provides one of the area's most accessible ways to do so. Located just several miles up US31 into Roseland, Mikado offers a variety of sushi options so that anyone, from a sushi beginner to expert, can find something to like. When in doubt, try the well-liked California roll containing crab, avocado, and cucumber.

In addition to sushi, Mikado offers a wide selection of other Japanese dishes as well as several Chinese and Thai offerings. Be forewarned, the portions are large! The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable in a small one-room dining space, and the owners and servers are friendly.  Even better, the prices are incredibly reasonable and make this the perfect location to try sushi for the first time or grab it to go for the hundredth.

Click here for a map.

For more info and and questions call 574-272-2535.

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