Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#142: Lincolnway Cafe

First things first, Happy Mardi Gras everyone! For those wishing to celebrate the day's festivities head down to the Dainty Maid Bake Shop for a paczki. The bakery apparently sold more than 12,000 of the Polish pastries during last year's Mardi Gras alone. Other festive possibilities include stopping in at South Bend's French-Quarter style coffee-house, the Chicory Cafe, or heading downtown for the Palais Royale's Mardi Gras celebration. Second, thanks for sticking with us through our "unofficial bars week" (and the weekend break from posting). We'll continue to feature some of our favorite spots for drinks throughout the year, but we would welcome your suggestions! And finally, today's post...

The Lincolnway Cafe located on (do I have to say it?) Lincolnway West (right beside Bonnie Doon) was the perfect spot for a Saturday brunch several weekends ago. I have a documented quest for new diners and after stopping in here, it's quickly become one of my favorites. The menu doesn't depart significantly from what we consider to be standard breakfast fare: eggs (in a variety of forms), toast, potatoes, etc. but then again, why should it? The staff was friendly and prompt enough that my coffee never even approached luke-warm, and the decor, while eclectic, was inviting. It's a pretty small dining room but the proximity of your fellow diners, most likely also lingering over piping-hot coffee, makes for a cozy and welcome start to the day.

Photographic evidence

Location: 2524 Lincolnway West

Contact Info: 574-256-7024

Tip: This is not so much a tip as an appreciation of the fact that they stock blackberry jam. Which is my favorite.

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