Saturday, March 19, 2011

#151: La Central Panaderia

On the way back from Sugar Camp Days (go for the pancakes, stay for the atmosphere), my friend and I happened upon this small bakery on Western. We had debated stopping (we were busy, had work to do, etc.) but were both extremely glad that we did as soon as we parked and entered the store.

The walls were lined from top to bottom with fresh-baked pastries of every kind. I pride myself on being something of a baker, but I could not begin to name the variety of baked goods available. Most seemed to be sweet pastries, but I noticed some flat breads and buns available as well. One of the women working at the shop brought out a fresh tray of pan dulce, a type of Mexican sweet roll, while we were browsing and generously allowed us a free sample. She also generously answered all of our questions and we discovered that the bakery has been in existence for more than 15 years.

Purchased items
Choosing just several items of the great variety available was particularly difficult, not least because of the incredibly affordable price. Most individual pastries cost between 50 and 60 cents. I left with a jelly-filled turnover and a concha, another Mexican sweet bread that the woman had recommended. Beyond these individual pastries, the store also offers catering services and custom cakes. Not only were we glad we stopped, but the discovery made an already pleasant, sunny Saturday just that much better. 

Bonus: There's even a mural!

Location: 3021 W. Western Ave.
Hours: Not quite sure, but open all 7 days of the week
Telephone: 574-289-2550

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