Friday, June 15, 2012

#260: Old 2 Gold

I find it interesting to think about the things that bring out 'the crazy' in different people.  For some, it might be their beloved sports teams; for others, their cats.  Some people drive hundreds of miles for a comic book convention...or a road race.   And for some, a good bargain is worth waking up for, worth fighting crowds and inclement weather. 

Tomorrow morning marks the annual Old 2 Gold sale, a sort of Black Friday for second-hand goods in the area.  Notre Dame collects and sells off unwanted and forgotten goods gathered from its students at the end of the academic year.  The piles and piles of stuff are then sold off at rock bottom prices.  Like $5 bike and $15 TV cheap.  Goofy college t-shirts?  Four for a buck. 

The perk is that this stuff is usually of decent quality.* Students (and as a ND alum, I know) are often too busy or luggage-restricted to deal with the stuff, so they donate it, and it's often high-quality and completely functional.  That's what makes Old 2 Gold such an event.

In years past, the sale was held in the ND football stadium, and people could line up at 5 AM for the Early Bird sale.  This year, things are being done a bit differently due to construction in the stadium.  It will be held at the old Target building near Double T's.  The sale starts at 9 AM, and there will be no Early Bird admittance. 

There is a fee to enter, but at $5, it's still a bargain.  And besides, I think the people-watching will be well worth the entry fee.

When: Saturday, June 16, 9 AM - Noon
Where: Target Building (has Steve & Barry's signage) at Hickory and McKinley Avenues
Cost: $5.00

Tip: You can scope out the site map early to formulate a plan of attack for optimal bargain hunting.

*Although I would be careful of college student bedding and cooking stuff. Who knows what happened there.

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  1. Hello, I heard that the first hour shoppers pay the $5 but those shopping from 10 a.m. - Noon do not -- is this correct? I hope that many youth will be able to get the cheap bikes versus those who are adult capitalist - quick change swindlers who will make a gain on this one-time event where those in need might get some good out of the ND student body's wealth "left behind" -- thanks for posting this out into Cyberspace. I follow your Blog -- Tim Shaw -- my blog is