Saturday, June 30, 2012

#262: Beer Is Good Craft Brew Fest

So it's already started (and perhaps some of the beers have already run out), but this event is too good to ignore.

People lined up for the 11 AM opening of Fiddler's Hearth, where more than thirty unusual craft beers are available for a on-day event.   Organized by 'The Beer is Good!' blogger, Andy, today you can find beers on tap not available elsewhere -- including five beers from cult favorite Three Floyds and Flat 12's Haggard Jo.   You can check out the full list here.

Going forward, there is no set schedule for when each beer will tapped, except for Bell's Black Note (at 6pm), but just head on over to Fiddler's and enjoy trying something new.

There is also a special food menu coordinated with the event.  AKA good drinking food, but foodie style. Think frog legs and bacon-wrapped goodies.  Perhaps the food alone is worth checking out.

When: Saturday, 11 AM - midnight
Where: Fiddler's Hearth, DTSB

TIP: If it gets crowded, don't forget that Fiddler's has a biergarten at the rear of the restaurant!  Look for the inside alley leading back next to the bar.

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