Saturday, July 14, 2012

#265: Dari Fair

Even after a big meal, I say, there's always room for ice cream. And in the hot summer months, it's always time for ice cream. With all this room and time for ice cream, it's good to know all the options available. It took me much too long to add this to my list of regular stops, but Dari Fair is an ideal spot for getting for your ice cream fix.

Dari Fair offers an incredible variety of food, not just ice cream. It opens for breakfast in the morning with typical drive-in fare. As for dairy side of the menu, there are over 100 flavors available, many novelty treats (eg. homemade brownie and cookie ice cream sandwiches), and my personal favorite, "Razzles" (see the photo below). In a long life of ice cream consumption, I have never ever found a place that offers puppy chow (or muddy-buddies, for the southerners) as a mix-in. This alone made me a devoted fan of Dari Fair.

They also offer something not found at every ice cream stand: a strong local flavor. Dari Fair regularly hosts blood drive vehicles in the parking lot, and signs for local camps and events are plastered alongside the menu. Don't expect anything fancy here -- there's a handful of picnic tables and a shaded side patio, handwritten notes on the menus, and a crowded jumble of food and machines inside -- but during this sticky and sweaty summer, it will hit the sweet spot.

When: Seven days a week, 4:30 am-10:00 pm, except for Mondays, when it opens at 11:00 am
Where: 4012 Lincolnway East (Mishawaka/Elkhart side of town)
Website: - frequently feature specials/coupons on Facebook
I hope the pina colada doesn't actually come out that color green.

"Razzles" = soft serve with mix-in (cf: Dairy Queen Blizzard)

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