Sunday, July 15, 2012

#266: Rose Quest Organic Food Store

The South Bend Tribune recently lauded what they termed the “hipster appeal” of South Bend defining the hipster aesthetic as an affinity for “vintage and thrift-store-inspired fashions, fixed-gear bicycles…strong coffee, craft beers and local food.” The piece in the Tribune encouraged young Chicagoans to relocate to South Bend because of the ability to live the “hipster” life at a lower price than neighborhoods with a similar appeal in Chicago. They’re right. South Bend is affordable and offers many, underrated cultural amenities of the style that are currently in vogue. I would like to argue that there’s even more that South Bend has to offer than just an alternate version of trendy urban life.  Unlike in hipster 'hoods like Brooklyn, Wicker Park and the whole of Austin, TX and Portland, OR, you won’t get lost in South Bend's scene.  You have the ability to know the entirety of the local area, and your presence and your contributions to the community hold weight.  There are no masses to follow here (except on ND football game days).  South Bend's approachable size allows for discovery as well as community involvement.  Such a lifestyle goes beyond any trends.

And now on to the local find of the day! Speaking of hipsters, one of their affinities is for “local food”. To that I would add “organic food”. Organic food, for those not intimately familiar, is food that has not been grown or processed in any synthetic way. No pesticides. No fertilizers. No chemical additives. Many stores carry organic (next to their non-organic selections) and many local farmers do as well (just ask when you’re at the Farmer’s Market). But in the event that you would like an all-organic selection of produce and miscellaneous dry goods, there’s a store in Mishawaka just for you! Rose Quest Organic Food Store is one part of the Rose Quest Nutrition Centre. The owner of the Nutrition Centre curates a small and delightful selection of all-organic food housed in a Victorian style home on Lincolnway East as you’re headed to Osceola. We popped in one day early in June and walked out with some organic avocados and strawberries. If you sign up for their email newsletter, you can receive emails indicating when certain items go on sale and what type of produce is in season. While the store might not be able to supply all of your grocery needs, it happily fills a small niche within the local food scene of the area.

410 Lincolnway East
(574) 259-5653

Mon/Tues/Fri         8:00am-5:00pm
Sat                          9:00am-noon

For more information visit the website here.

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