Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#36: The Riverside Trail

This trail is a newcomer to the South Bend trail system, but the SB Parks Dept. did it right.  You can tell by the variety of activities that this trail supports: fishing, canoeing, biking, walking, running, skateboarding, dog-walking, meandering, sitting and watching the river go by, picnicking, shooting photography, ad infinitum.

On good days, it seems like everyone is out (as well as their kid and dog) but the trail never seems crowded.  The asphalt path is broad enough for at least three people across, and it's set far enough away from the road that you don't feel like you're just on a sidewalk.  The benches, 1/2 mile markers, and decorative railings are extra touches that make the experience even more pleasant.  

Where: Darden Road to Angela Blvd., on the east side of the river
When to go: Because of the high traffic, this past isn't terrible to walk/run on in the snow, but the best time is definitely fall -- the reflections of the colorful trees in the river are breath-taking
Tip: To those living on the northside of Notre Dame, use this path to access downtown (or Notre Dame itself) on gamedays.  ND is right up Angela, and downtown is straight ahead.

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