Monday, October 25, 2010

#42: The Futon Factory (that's not a factory)

Aren't futons SO college?  What better way to showcase one's ability to nap at any time of the day by this versatile piece of furniture?  If you choose to argue for futons for all, come to the Futon Factory, conveniently located near Lula's, The Backer, and of course, Notre Dame.

But this ain't yo bro's futon shop.  And 'factory' is probably the most misleading name for this unique store.  Yes, they sell high-end furniture....with a socially-conscious twist.  We're talking fair trade hardwood frames, local suppliers, and a plethora of additional goods you would not expect.  Recycled silk purses, organic tees, bamboo plants.  A water cooler to refill that Sigg or Nalgene you've been toting around.  A different perspective from the big box stores only a few roads down.

Where: Edison Plaza, at the corner of 23 and Angela
When: Mon-Fri, 10 am - 6pm; Sat 10 am - 5pm; Sun 12 - 5 pm
Tip: Check out their website for ideas about how to tastefully decorate your room

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  1. This place closed shortly after Lula's - I believe it was their choice though, unlike Lula's who was forced out.