Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#44: St. Pat's Park

One of the many trails
As I write this, the area is under a pretty severe weather warning. That notwithstanding, one of my favorite things to do in the previously nice fall weather, has been to take a hike at St. Patrick’s County Park (affectionately called St. Pat’s). It’s one of the many parks in the St. Joseph County Park System, and with its location just off of 933 past Roseland, it’s easily accessible for anyone in the area. 
An almost tree-house
The 398 acres of trails, playgrounds, ponds, and river frontage are beautiful in the fall. Plan a picnic or take a spontaneous hike. There’s even a disc-golf course if you’re interested. They also occasionally host concerts (at the Fischgrund Center for the Performing Arts) and events, one of them being the canoe races mentioned on here earlier.
The big red barn at the entrance to the park

Check out the website here.

And a map of the hiking trails here.

Tip: It does cost $3.00 (in-county) or $4.00 (out-of-county) to park.

Fun fact: You might not realize it but you’ll probably cross into Michigan on your hike. 


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  2. I love st. pats. They need to bring back the live music!
    I've recently moved to Indianapolis but visit South Bend often and almost every time I do, I sure enough make a trip to St Pats!