Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#35: Oaken Bucket

These last days of warm sun call for as much time spent outside as possible, which will dictate our next few posts.  Best place to unwind after a long day?  The deck of Hensell's Oaken Bucket.

You feel like you're sitting on a dock on the St. Joe River, which probably explains why the Notre Dame crew team loves this place.  The beer is cheap, and the bar food is quite good, as far as bar food goes.  Their homemade 'chips' -- more like flattened French fries than anything -- are a must-try.  The wire patio chairs evoke memories of summer barbeques and family reunions, and in the same line, the large outdoor space is a perfect place for a large group to gather.

Mellow, relaxed, utterly unpretentious... take advantage while you can.

Where: 1212 S Ironwood Dr
When to go: Monday - Saturday, 11am - 12am
Special thing I love: the frosted mugs beer their beers come in

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