Monday, October 25, 2010

#43: Urban Garden Market

A fortuitous turn while killing time before an airport ticket led me to discover the Urban Garden Market on Bendix Road.  I'm driving along, and all of a sudden, open truck beds filled with pumpkins and a few pop-up tents flash by on my right.  One u-turn later, and I'm at what looks like a Notre Dame tailgate without the booze, bagpipes and kelly green.
The Urban Garden Market is not a large, extensive market like its big brother on Northside Boulevard.  It's not year-round (it's open air); most of the food or products are locally grown.  The products were limited since it's the end of the season, but there was still squash & potatoes, honey & jam, fresh cookies & croissants to enjoy, all at affordable prices.

What I love about this market was its focus on the community.  When an elderly woman misplaced her keys, everyone, shoppers and sellers both, stopped to assist her in her search.  When she found her keys ten minutes later in a bag of corn that she had bought, we all clapped and cheered.  Indeed, this market is for the people, by the people, organized to combat the food desert on the west side of South Bend.  Some people can't make the twenty minute drive to other farmer's markets, and the closest supermarket is fifteen minutes away.
The search for the lost keys....

Hate to say this but this market just closed for the season, but will open in April.  Stay tuned for a reminder post!

Where: 1025 N. Bendix
When: Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm 
Tip: Be aware of speakers who visit the market, such as Phil and Edie, who gave advice on how to prepare your garden for winter and use in-season vegetables

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