Sunday, September 12, 2010

#25: Canoeing on the St. Joe River

South Bend's location on the St. Joseph's River was not accidental, so you should play 'first settler' and retrace the experience of its founders by paddling around in a canoe.  The broad, smooth flowing river makes this a delightful and different afternoon activity for even a beginning paddlist.

If you don't own a canoe, it's simple to rent a canoe at St. Patrick's Park, which is located two miles north of downtown, right near the state border.  Friday through Sunday, from 11am-4pm, you can walk up to the Brown Barn and rent a canoe or an open-top kayak.

Canoe rentals for four hours cost $23 (or about $7 a head if you squeeze three in there), $30 for a five hours.  Single-person kayaks rent at $18 for a short trip; $25 for a long trip.  Paddles and lifejackets are provided as well as the much-appreciated shuttle service!

For those wary of heading out on a moving body of water, there is always the pond to practice in -- and that only sets you back $7/hour.  So that's a good way to get your feet wet.  Figuratively, we hope.

Location: the Brown Barn at St. Patrick's Park (past the Red Barn, look for signs)
When to go: Weekends and holidays, 11am-4pm (return rentals by 7pm), from May 22-Oct. 3
Tip: Bring your lunch and enjoy the most relaxed meal you've had in weeks.  (Don't forget to pack out! Leave no trace!)

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