Monday, September 6, 2010

#19: Michiana Celtic Festival and Highland Games

Yet another festival drew people from across the city Sunday.  However, I don't think there are any other festivals with attractions like men carrying logs and women flinging intestines.  Come to the Michiana Celtic Festival and Highlands Games to see the sights and experience the Islands in this land-locked county.  

You won't be bored by the multifarious array of events at this festival.  From bagpipers to "Whiskey B4 Breakfast", bands perform both traditional and contemporary Celtic music.  Celtic dancing, weapons demonstrations, and competitions in sports you didn't even know existed keep the sights fresh.  And when you get hungry, there's always haggis to try.  Let me know how it is -- couldn't bring myself to taste it!

Where: Howard Park, next to the river, across Jefferson from The Emporium
When to go: 10am-6:30pm
Tip: Walk over to Fiddler's Hearth for the post-party

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