Saturday, September 4, 2010

#18: Vesuvio Pizza

So maybe you do have a weakness for going to Fever, or what calls you downtown on Friday nights is the bars, not open stores.  That's okay-- we've been there too.  A frustrating aspect of downtown is that a"24 hour diner" does not exist for (let's be frank here) those late night drunk food/munchies. 

Yes, Nick's Patio is a $3 cab ride away.  Yes, there is the illegal sausage vendor outside the Feve.  But the most reliable and most beloved establishment is Vesuvio's Pizza.

This hole-in-the-wall on South Michigan Street  does have holes in the walls, actually.  There is occasionally a table inside.  Walk past it during the day and you will think this place has been abandoned; walk past it at night and you will see a hubbub of people spilling outside its doors, talking, kissing, fighting.  Even if you are sober (but hungry), the interaction between people is entertainment enough.

So grab a $3 slice of hot bubbly, cheesy, thin-crust goodness to make any night end right.

Where: 230 South Michigan Street
When to go: Any weekend night after 1:00 AM
Tip: The wait may get long, but take the opportunity to make friends with the people around.  Everyone's friendly at this time of night.

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