Monday, September 13, 2010

Just to Recap

In order to mark (congratulate ourselves on) our first 25 posts, we though we'd give you a quick reminder of the all great stuff to do in South Bend that we've already mentioned.  Just in case you, you know, forgot or something.

Who likes ice-cream? I do, but what I really like is ice-cream at a 50's style drive-in on Classic Car Night.  Good thing there's Bonnie Doon just down the road in Mishawaka. In the mood for browsing rooms full of books? Visit Erasmus Books hidden on a side-street near downtown. Need some fresh fruits and vegetables? Head over to the South Bend Farmer's Market. I'm sure you remember the Riverwalk, Junk Evolution, and of course, the Cove. Yes? Good.

Some of these places we've written about, South Bend residents know instinctively and some, we hope, will let residents and visitors alike find a new favorite spot in our favorite city.

So revisit these favorites but get ready, because we have 340 more posts and places coming at you.

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