Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#29: West Washington Historic District

Fall seems to have finally arrived so take advantage of the sunny days and autumnal chill in the air by taking a walk through one of South Bend's most beautiful historic districts.  The West Washington Historic District served as home for the industrial leaders of South Bend for many years and it is here that you can find Tippecanoe Place (now a great restaurant and a post for another time), the old Studebaker mansion, and Copshaholm, the residence of the Oliver family.

Tippecanoe Place
Walking down West Washington you'll pass several old-fashioned bed and breakfasts where you'll feel that you are much further away from the bustle of downtown than you actually are.  I'm not going to waste any more time describing the lovely old homes and ambiance of the area as the neighborhood itself has put together a thorough walking tour. 

Find the walking tour here: http://westwashington.org/WestWashWalk.pdf 

Neighborhood website: http://westwashington.org/index.html

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