Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#21: The Riverwalk

In this burst of fall weather, the leaves have given up the ghost faster than the teenagers and their flipflops.  Experience the early onset of autumn on the Riverwalk/Northside Trail, which winds along the St. Joseph River.   It is a good path for biking, running, or walking your dog even when the snows arrive, but it is during the fall when it is most beautiful.  Crunchy leaf-steppers, don't miss out.

Look for Sunburst logos and other marathon-markers

This trail picks up where the East Bank Trail ends and follows the river from downtown South Bend into Mishawaka/IUSB territory.  You'll pass Howard Park and its skating rink, a (former railroad) pedestrian bridge, the Notre Dame rowing shed (and their signature on concrete pilings), the Farmer's Market, and friendly passerbys.  You can watch old me fish or kids learn how to ride their bike.  It's one of the most pleasant paths to fall into the flow of the river (figuratively) and just go.
View of downtown from the ND rowing platform

Length: Three miles, approx.
Where: North/east side of the river from Howard Park to IUSB
Tip:  Sometimes the path floods in heavy rains, and the concrete can be uneven so be mindful of the conditions!

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