Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#15: The Dollar Theater

The actual name of this movie theater is Cinemark Movies 6, but I generally refer to it as the "Cheap Movie Place" or the "Dollar Theater".  The latter is actually a misnomer because only on Wednesday nights are movies truly a dollar.  Other nights, it costs a whopping $1.50.

The movies may be second-run and the popcorn still outrageously expensive, but this Mishawaka gem offers that inimitable movie-going experience for a price that fits everyone's budget.  The price is close to Redbox's fees, and think how much better it is to see a film on the big screen.  Who needs to see movies first-run anyway?  (Twilight fans, I'm looking at you. Did you really pay upwards of $7.50 to watch three teenagers gaze at each other?)

6424 N. Grape Road, nestled behind Best Buy
Website: See showtimes and the movie selection here.
Tip: The seats aren't as plush as in newer theaters, so be forewarned if you choose to see a long movie.

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