Friday, September 24, 2010

#26: Exihibition Reception

Today, log some culture hours and get thee to the South Bend Museum of Art.  There's an opening reception for two new exhibitions there, one entitled "Surface Tension" and the other "Will Pergl: Trivialities of Deportment."  And if you need a further incentive, there will be free refreshments...
"Surface Tension" is a collection of 2-D (read: flat) works by contemporary painters.  I'm interested to understand what 'tension' can be conveyed by paint, an inherently flat medium.   The exhibition description on the website states, quite provocatively, "It would seem that painting has always been with us..." The works form a collection that aims to challenge your idea of the development of painting and the ways paint can express different forms.  Find it in the Warner Gallery.
Will Pergl
The other exhibition by Will Pergl, who hails from Milwaukee, WI, offers the 3-D perspective.  He uses interesting, interwoven shapes that make you question "How did he make that?!"  The website calls his works a "visual rollercoaster".  Take this ride in the Art League Gallery.
Where: South Bend Museum of Art
When: Friday, 5:00-7:30pm

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