Friday, December 10, 2010

#81: Cambodian Thai

After realizing we hadn’t yet written about this restaurant, I was shocked. And then hungry. There are fancier restaurants. There are better-known restaurants. There are definitely larger restaurants. But the small, tucked-away gem of Cambodian Thai is not to be missed. It ranks in my top three restaurants in the area. To be honest, I’m not even sure what the other two are, I just know Cambodian Thai is among them.

It serves a wide variety of traditional Thai cuisine. For me, I keep coming back to the basics, their pad thai, but all of my friends who have a more experimental palette, give just as rave of reviews. The wait, depending on the time you go, can be a little longer (it’s worth it, I promise) than other restaurants (have I mentioned that it’s about the size of the entryway to most of those other restaurants?) so either come in with that in mind or just order out (my recommendation). To be honest, you really can’t go wrong.

Where: 229 South Michigan Street
When: Mon-Thu,11:30am-9pm; Fri,10:30am-10pm
To order or call for more information: 574-289-2877
Tip: For many of the dishes, you can order a varying level of spice from 1-10.  Do not, I repeat, do not go past a 3. Unless, inexplicably, you are some sort of hot sauce eating champion.


  1. big big fan of the yellow curry and the pad see ew and basically all of the appetizers. a thai iced tea is necessary to survive any spicy level - even 1, 2 and especially 3 (plus agreed, the spicy levels 4-10 just don't exist - like an A+ on a poetry assingment)

  2. This place is truly a gem in downtown South Bend - I've been going there (either eat in or take out) at least once a week for about 5 years. I think by now I've tried everything on the menu at least once! Everything is tasty (and addictive) the family that runs it is super nice, and it's incredibly cheap for what you get - was just there recently with a group to celebrate a birthday. Everyone got an entree, we got two appetizers, no drinks (we all had water) - 7 people and and our bill was under $60. The place is tiny, and depending on how busy it is you may have a wait, but it's more than worth it. My first time there I asked for spicy - haven't made that mistake again! Although, getting a soup (like the Noodle Soup or the Pho Seafood) at the hotter end of the scale is fantastic if your head is all stuffed up with a head cold - melts it all right out! There are a few Thai restaurants in the area, some bigger and nicer looking than this one, but Cambodian Thai beats them all!

  3. had my first Thai experience here, today, in the form of a takeout lunch. got the coconut chicken hot and sour soup (it had a different name, but i can't remember it) and the chicken pad thai.

    OMG it's not even fair how delicious this was. and so reasonable - i spent $11.50 before tip, am absolutely stuffed, and will be again at least one more time with what they sent me away with. and, again... SO GOOD. i can't wait to go back for the yellow curry.

  4. I can not say enough good things about this tiny restaurant! So glad you've featured it. Their prices are reasonable, portions are large, and yes there is often a wait, but it's worth it! We so look forward to making the short trip from MI if it involves a trip to Cambodian Thai :)

  5. Please note: They are also open 11:30-9:00 on Saturdays :)