Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#88: The Bergamot & The Mark's "Believe in Magic"

Jimi Hendrix asked us, "Are you experienced?" and in that question, our perception of what musical performance should be like is challenged.

From the ashes of his burning guitar, some musicians do continue to question the standard of "band on stage, audience in front; play a set, take a break, come back for the encore".  They continue the blend the line between a concert, a show, an event, an experience.

One of these groups is The Bergamot, a local duo who just returned from a cross-country tour to launch their new album, Haven, in January.  This young couple had the brilliant idea of pairing their "fresh. retro. fun." sound with a restaurant that has a similar feel.  The Mark, the lone locally-owned restaurant in Eddy Street Commons, is an "upscale diner" with some of the best food you'll find in town.  I could wax poetic about their all-day breakfast offerings, their vegan reuben, or their sweet potato fries, but I shall refrain, because tonight's event, entitled "Believe in Magic", is all about the experience.   

You can choose either a three-course meal ($35) or admission to the show ($10, 2 drink/dessert minimum).  Both obviously incorporate music and food, but in different amounts.  You shape what experience you would like to have.  The Bergamot will play holiday favorites and original songs, although be forewarned: this is not a dinner show -- the music will complement the dinner, not control it, and vice versa.  

So if you're looking for something different to do -- a shake up from going out to a nice dinner or to a fun concert, try this out.  It's hard to imagine a fine dinner with the Jimi Hendrix Experience shaking the brick walls of this new complex, but the folksy grooves of The Bergamot will add the perfect atmosphere to a fine meal.

When: Tonight, 7:00-9:00 PM
Where: The Mark Dine and Tap. 1234 Eddy Street
Check out the Facebook page for more information! 


  1. Is their vegan reuben worth the $10? I'm always skeptical of places that have such a giant menu, but was definitely intrigued to see a seitan sandwich in South Bend.

  2. I'd say yes. THe Mark and Uptown Kitchen do a great job at accommodating specialty eaters (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) without making them feel like they have second rate options. I recently ordered the breakfast burrito there, and they were not only willing to take out the chorizo but also happily substituted avocado to make it a filling vegetarian meal.

    The big menu is a little overwhelming, I agree--I'll confess I often do a bit of thinking ahead before I go. And that said, I've never been disappointed by the food.