Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#85: The Purple Porch Co-op

We've talked about sustainability before in a variety of forms. Just Goods. Junk Evolution. The Farmer's Market. Unity Gardens. But we've so far neglected to mention one of the mainstays of the South Bend sustainable community; the Purple Porch Co-op.

The Co-op describes itself as connecting "people in Michiana who want local, organic or fair trade food with the growers who produce it." By becoming a member of the Co-op, you gain access to local goods grown within 60 miles of the Michiana region. Everything is online, so once you're a member you can browse the food offerings from these local producers on the Purple Porch website. You then make your selections for the week and pick up your produce (or other items) at the centralized pick-up location on the designated day. The Co-op offers many food items in season as well as baked goods and locally-ground coffee. They also hold pot-luck dinners, host film screenings, and offer a multitude of volunteer opportunities, and it honestly offers one of the best ways to commit to the local community.

There is a ton of interesting information about the history of Purple Porch, what local and sustainable means, detailed membership information, and periodic event details on the Co-op's website here.

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  1. It's Summer and the veggies are starting to go crazy! All of our producers use sustainable growing methods. All of the food comes from a 60 mile radius of the Co-op.

    Try it out free for two orders. Afterwards, we ask that you join and pay the $35 membership fee.

    FYI: we now have a Saturday pickup time. Go to our website Tuesday morning through Wednesday night to place an order. Then pickup order on Saturday morning 9:00-11:00.

    For the Wednesday pickup - place an order Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon.