Thursday, December 30, 2010

#94: La Casa de Amistad

Community centers are often just that, the very center of their diverse and widespread communities. La Casa de Amistad here in South Bend is no exception, serving, in their words, as a community center for "the Latino/Hispanic community within Michiana." In this role, they provide a wide variety of services to, also in their own words, "edify Hispanic youth and adults in development of leadership skills, increase knowledge and appreciation of their own culture, and develop stronger self-esteem, encouraging fuller participation as community members."

La Casa groups their services into three broad categories: Education/Literacy, Healthy Living, and Social Services. Within these categories they offer ESL classes, GED preparation, citizenship classes, nutrition classes and a food pantry, immigration services, and many, many others. Just glancing at their online calendar for today, they had 11 different classes and programs that were offered. La Casa is another prominent member of South Bend's non-profit community and like many of the others, relies on volunteers and donations.

To donate to La Casa de Amistad go here.  To read about their volunteer opportunities visit their website here.

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